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Pop-Up Garden Community Challenge 2019 

The Pop-Up Competition has been running at Clare Garden Festival since 2014. After 5 great years, it is time to freshen up the concept and create more interest again – we have therefore a new set of rules to make the competition more attractive again:


1, Submit a sketch,

2, Our Facebook followers pick the winner and

3, The most requested Garden to be built and wins our top prize!

Please see our Application form for more details.


The Pop-Up Garden Community Challenge at Clare Garden Festival 2019 asks a group/organisation to create a garden based on their interpretation of the theme Affordable Greener Gardening to be displayed at Clare Garden Festival on 28th April 2019.

Karen Foley, Environmental Awareness Officer with Clare Co Co Environment section explains: “The Pop-Up Garden community challenge at Clare Garden Festival provides a great opportunity for groups of all ages to engage in a communal project showcasing their gardening skills and hopefully coming out on top to receive a prize for their group. Clare County Council Environment section are delighted to support this competition again in 2019.” She continued by saying: “The theme for 2019 called ‘Affordable Greener Gardening’ is all about creating a garden showcases green practices and how affordable they can be, whilst having fun creating a garden with your group. It is aligned to our online guides which aim to help householders & gardeners to protect the environment.”

FIRST PRIZE: €400 Proudly supported by Clare County Council, Environment Section and Department of Communications,
Climate Action and Environment/LA21 Environmental Partnership Fund.

SECOND PRIZE: €100 Proudly supported by Colourful Creations Garden Centre, Tulla, Co Clare. 

PopUp Garden Winners 2017

2019 Application Form

2019 Competition Flyer

 Please read on for Q&A.


In 2017, we had a fantastic family from Clondanagh who won the competition - see a view of the garden on left for inspiration.


Here also a great example of what we are looking for groups to do for this competition, work and experience for PostCard Gardens for Bloom 2013, click here for Roisin Markham's blog. Obviously they had a different theme, but you get a real good idea of how it can be done!


  Garden Challenge - 2019 Q&A 

What does it mean in a nutshell or How does it work?

Think about what you can do in 6x4m ((13x20foot) that expresses the theme outlined. Fill in the form and send off in February, sketch and think about in detail how your idea can become a reality, what you need to make it happen and how you can get it (can you borrow, recyle, etc.?).

Who can enter?

All kinds of groupings can enter including but not be limited to Charities, Community Gardens, Tidy Towns Groups, Householders, Business, Youth groups, School groups/classes, Horticultural Student Groups, Age action groups, Families etc...

Why should we enter?

Prize: First prize will be a cash-sum of €400. The organisers will aim to get additional prizes in place.

Promotion: The competition, its participants and the outcomes will be promoted as part of the Festival’s promotional drive, where possible on print materials, website, press, Facebook page and in the media. Of course, the highlight of this is the day itself, where visitors (over 2000 visitors per annum) will see your garden promoting your organisation, charity or group!

How can we enter?

Simply fill in our application form with your details, the information what you want to build in a garden aligned to our theme this year. Submit both to address on form with payment by application deadline.

Are there any dates or deadlines we need keep an eye on?

All applications please by latest 28th February. You will then be contacted with further details. Please make sure to send in a sketch of your garden by mid-March. Setup by 27th April please.

When can we setup?

Gardens must be completed by 5pm on 27th April 2019 and setup should start not earlier than 25th April, please contact the organisers on 087 611 75 38 (Carmen Cronin) to arrange access to premises. Competitors will be fully responsible for transporting their exhibit material to and from the event site.

Is there a fee?

Yes, there is small fee of €35 (includes 6 entry tickets to event) payable with your application. Many thanks for your support and committment.

Is there anything else we need to know?

Please make sure to read our Terms & Conditions in the application form and do feel free to contact Carmen with any questions or feedback. You can call me on 087 611 75 38 or use our contact form to email me.